Sunday, August 19, 2012

Skippy Peanut butter only $1.25 at Shaws 8/17 - 8/23 with printable coupon

Skippy peanut butter on sale at Shaws for $2.00. The natural variety is included. I picked this up for myself yesterday.

Buy 2 peanut butter @ $2.00 each

Use the .75 off 2 coupon ( will double to $1.50) you get 2 prints per computer

Final price $2.50 for 2 jars so just $1.25 each 

Note: the coupon does state that you can only use 2 of these coupons per visit. So you can only get 4 jars per visit. Some of my friends will be happy with their 4 jars. Others of us that like to stock up...fudge season coming can just go back in again. That is if yo happen to have another computer you can print on. Remember 2 coupons per visit and 2 jars per coupon.

There is another coupon available that would make the peanut butter $1.30 each. You can also do 2 prints per computer for this one. You can bring 2 of these along with the 2 above if you don't have another computer to print. You will get 2 extra jars of peanut butter.

Here is that deal:

Buy 1 Skippy natural peanut butter @$2.00

Use the .35 off 1 (will double to .70)  2 prints per computer

Final price is $1.30

Remember if Shaws is out of something you want ask for a rain check. You can get the item at a later date at the sale price it was at the time of the rain check. A rain check at shaws does not mean you have to buy it. They do not hold it for you. You have to check the shelf the next time you shop. If they have it you can use your rain check to get it for the sale price it was. Remember though if your coupon is expired before you find it you can not use your coupon to reduce the price. So sometimes (on rare occasions) I have to pass up a deal because it is in stock and I have the rain check but my coupon is expired.


  1. Hi Jackie - I have 2 questions: Where do I find the coupon and I need the Shaws rewards card for the $2 price? I never shop there anymore and can't find my card. Thanks!

    1. I had the links in the post. Just changed the color scheme so you can see them better. You do need a Shaws card. At my Shaws I have seen people say they forgot their card and the cashier puts one in for them. I would just get a new card though. I had one and lost it. I got a new one. There end up being a lot of good sales at Shaws with coupons. BBecause they double any coupon that has a value of .99 or less. And double up to 4 of each coupon you have it is worth getting it.I shop more there now because of coupons.

    2. Thanks Jackie :) Shaws is so far out of my way that I just stopped going there but I'll passing by one I think on Thursday.

    3. It's worth it if you go by one. Wayne works across the street bfrom one now so he gets things on the way home for me now.