Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Free Beach Nut Fruities at Shaws with printable coupon

Here is another great deal for those of you that have little ones. Or if you just like to eat them yourself. Or donate them. They're  free...why not.

 *You need a Shaws card for all Shaws deals*

Hoping this coupon still works. Please let me know if it has run out. I have already printed mine so I can't see if it has.

Buy (4) Beech Nut fruities at .99 each (regular price)
Use (2) .75/1 (coupon will double only to .99) 2 prints per computer
Use (2) .50/1 (coupon will double only to .99) 2 prints per computer
Final price is Free!!!!

The  .75 and .50 coupons will have different bar codes. So if you have 2 computers you can print off 2 more of each. Then you can use them all at once if you want. Getting 8 for free :)

Thank you Deals By Darlene for the heads up.

Printing Note: I have not had good luck with coupons printing from my Internet Explorer browser. I always use Fire Fox. If you want to download it for yourself it is free at  If you select a coupon and print it and it doesn't print out they will still count it as printing. I suggest that you test out first by printing a coupon you may not want your first time. After that just make sure you have ink, paper and that your printer is on every time after that. Before you click the print button.

Note: at Shaws when they double the coupons it is only 4 like (same bar code) coupons per visit. So if you have (5) .75 off 1 box of cheerios coupons and 5 boxes of cheerios only 4 of those coupons will double to$1.50 unless at least one has a different bar code on it. Usually you get different bar codes if the coupons came from different coupon sites. Printing from different computers doesn't give you different bar codes.

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