Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Shaws shopping trip 8/27 I saved 95%

*You need a Shaws card for all Shaws deals*

*If you have trouble with the coupon language please go here.

*Some of these deals involve using Saving Star. If you want to know more about Saving Star go here.

*To learn how the GM sale works and to see items included in the GM sale go here.

Here is what I bought.

(4) Betty Crocker frosting @ .99 each WYB10 GM items
 Used (2) .85/2 coupons (each coupon doubled to  $1.70)
Saving Star one time use coupon .75

(4) Betty Crocker brownies @ .99 WYB10 GM items
Used (2) .85/2 coupons (each coupon doubled to  $1.70)

(2) Chex mix @ $1.49 WYB10 GM iems
Used (2) .60/1 coupons (each coupon doubled to $1.20)
Saving star one time use coupon .50

(1) Smart Ballance butter on sale for $2.00
Used (1) $1.10 off one..printable coupon no longer available

2 bagles  .85 each
used (2) free bagel game pieces from the last Shaws game

(2) Beech nut stage 4 fruit pouches on sale .85 each
Used (2) .50/1 coupons (doubled to .99 the regular price)

Bill was $24.72
I paid $2.55 but will be getting $1.25 back from Saving Star. 

Final price $1.30 or .13 each!!!

Remember if Shaws is out of something you want ask for a rain check. You can get the item at a later date at the sale price it was at the time of the rain check. A rain check at shaws does not mean you have to buy it. They do not hold it for you. You have to check the shelf the next time you shop. If they have it you can use your rain check to get it for the sale price it was. Remember though if your coupon is expired before you find it you cannot use your coupon to reduce the price. So sometimes (on rare occasions) I have to pass up a deal because it is in stock and I have the rain check but my coupon is expired.

Note: at Shaws when they double the coupons it is only 4 like (same bar code) coupons per visit. So if you have (5) .75 off 1 box of cheerios coupons and 5 boxes of cheerios only 4 of those coupons will double to$1.50 unless at least one has a different bar code on it. Usually you get different bar codes if the coupons came from different coupon sites. Printing from different computers doesn't give you different bar codes.

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