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Red Plum

Smart Source


General Mills

Special K


Betty Crocker 

All You



Arm & Hammer 

Que Vida Rica (choose English form the top right) your coupons will print out in Spanish and English. I have used these coupons at Shaws many times with no problems.

Saving Star These are not printable. You load these on to your store cards. Each coupon on Saving Star is usable once. You will get your money when your Saving Star account reaches $5.00. You can choose from different payouts. You can learn more about Saving Star here.

Note for Target. These are store coupons for Target. They can be combined with manufacturers coupons for the same items if you have them. Also if it states "when you buy" if you print it it will print out as a manufacturers coupon and not a store coupon. So you can use those anywhere.

Rite Aid Video Values 
Note for video values. These are Rite Aid store coupons so they can be combined with manufacturer coupons for the same items if you have them. New video values come out each month. You do not need to print out the coupons as soon as you get them. You can wait for a sale. Also if you watch the videos your coupons will be saved until they expire. Sometimes deals come out before they expire but after they are gone from the site because of a new month. If you had time I would suggest once a month watching some videos to save your coupons. Then if a sale comes up and you want to use them print them off.

All coupons except the Video Values can usually be printed 2 times per computer. You can either hit the refresh button, back button, or just go to the link again. If you hit the back button and it has a choice for "resend information" hit that choice and you should be able to print again. Sometimes a coupon will have just one print. If that happens they will tell you that" you have printed the coupon the number of times allowed."So if you happen to have multiple coupons in the house have fun.

 There will be some coupon printers and java to install on some of these sites when you begin. And some might require you to sign up. You only have to go through that pain once.

Printing Note: I have not had good luck with coupons printing from my Internet Explorer browser. I always use Fire Fox. If you want to download it for yourself it is free at  If you select a coupon and print it and it doesn't print out they will still count it as printing. I suggest that you test out first by printing a coupon you may not want your first time. After that just make sure you have ink, paper and that your printer is on every time after that. Before you click the print button.

Tip: go by the wording on the coupon for what it can be used on. Do not go by the picture. Sometimes the picture will show a particular style, flavor..etc. You go by what the coupon says.

Most printable coupons last only one month on the sites listed. New coupons come out each month on most sites. Some people print a lot at the end of the month so they don't loose ones they want. If I say limited quantities in my posts for deals then that means print quick. Some will only have certain amounts to be printed total. So they might not be available if you wait.