Friday, August 24, 2012

Money Maker....Crest Pro Health mouthwash at Rite Aid starting 8/26

I am super excited about this deal. It is the first money maker (MM) I have figured out on my own.

*You will need a Rite Aid card for all Rite Aid deals*

Here is the deal at Rite Aid  8/26 - 9/1

Buy 1 Crest Pro health mouthwash 473ml - 1 liter for $4.99 and get $4 up reward (limit 2)


Here is scenario #1

 if you have the buy one get one free coupon fro the last P&G insert. I can't remember the date. 
Warning:This deal may not work with a rain check. Because your coupon could expire before you get to use it. If you get a rain check be prepared to do scenario #2 which is still a good deal.

Buy (2) crest pro health mouthwash at $4.99 each + tax
Total  $9.98 + .50 tax
Use the B1G1 coupon from P&G (expires 8/30)
Pay $4.99 +.50 tax =$5.49 OOP
Get (2) $4.00 up rewards
Final total is $2.51 MM!!!!!

Here is scenario #2

If you do not have the old coupon you can do this deal. It will mot be a money maker but it is a really good price for mouth wash. This one will be done in 2 transactions.

Transaction #1

Buy (1) crest mouthwash at $4.99 + tax
Use (1) .50/1 coupon from the 8/26 P&G (exp. 9/30)
Pay $4.29 + .25 tax  = $4.74
Get a $4 up reward 

Transaction #2

Buy (1) crest mouthwash at $4.99 + tax
Use (1) .50/1 coupon from the 8/26 P&G (exp. 9/30)
use $4 up from transaction #1
Pay .29 + .25 tax  = 74
Get a $4 up reward 
Final price is .74 each for mouthwash. Great price!! 

 Tip when you figure out the final cost you can subtract the ups you get today from what you paid. Or you can just go with your OOP at each visit. Remember whatever you do do not do it both ways. Example I would subtract it from this trip making my final cost .30 for 2 pkgs. pads. The $1.00 up I leave with and use next time I shop there I will not subtract from my cost that day because I already counted it here. It will just give me less OOP next time.

Remember those rain checks for these if they are out of them. I love rain checks at Rite Aid. They will call you when your item is in. They will hold it for you to come pick up. If you change your mind you don't have to buy it. If it comes in after the sale is over then it is still the same price. The only difference is if the sale is over they will subtract your up rewards you would've gotten from the price before you pay. So these items would just be tax and no other OOP (out of pocket) cost to you.

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