Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Learn about the GM sale at Shaws 8/24 - 8/30

This is a sale that Shaws has often. I'm not sure how often it is. I do know that I have done it several times since I started couponing in January 2012. I love the GM sale. I have gotten a lot of my cereal that way. I will not be buying cereal this time. I have way too many on the shelf. It feels good to not pay full price for a lot of things any more.

I will try to explain it so you will understand it better. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

Thank you We Use Coupons  and Deals By Darlene for the add scan. Darlene has taught me so much.

 *You need a Shaws card for all Shaws deals*

When you buy 10 items you will save $5.00 instantly. The price you pay is the price highlighted in yellow. It ends up being .50 off each item. You can mix and match the items you get. You must buy in quantities of 10 to get the price in yellow. You can buy as much as you would like but you must buy in quantities of 10 to get the sale price in yellow. (example, 10, 20, 30 etc..)

Remember: You can use coupons on sale items to get the prices even lower.

Note: Please be sure to check the signs on the shelves and sometimes a list on the end caps near some sale items to make sure what you are getting is part of that sale. You could also ask a manager for a list of items that are included. Sometimes they forget to put a sign up for an item included. Be careful to grab the right items. Not all sizes, flavors/varieties will be included in the sale. If your item is not included you will not get the sale price.

2 Chex mix $1.99 each ($1.49 each WYB 10 GM products)
5 brownies $1.49 each(.99 each WYB 10 GM products)
3 pizza rolls $1.49 each (.99 each WYB 10 GM products)
Total 10 GM products
Pay $11.90 Total of prices in yellow because you got a quantity of 10.

Remember if Shaws is out of something you want ask for a rain check. You can get the item at a later date at the sale price it was at the time of the rain check. A rain check at shaws does not mean you have to buy it. They do not hold it for you. You have to check the shelf the next time you shop. If they have it you can use your rain check to get it for the sale price it was. Remember though if your coupon is expired before you find it you cannot use your coupon to reduce the price. So sometimes (on rare occasions) I have to pass up a deal because it is in stock and I have the rain check but my coupon is expired.

Note: at Shaws when they double the coupons it is only 4 like (same bar code) coupons per visit. So if you have (5) .75 off 1 box of cheerios coupons and 5 boxes of cheerios only 4 of those coupons will double to$1.50 unless at least one has a different bar code on it. Usually you get different bar codes if the coupons came from different coupon sites. Printing from different computers doesn't give you different bar codes.

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