Monday, August 20, 2012

Shaws Add scan and Coupon Match up For Sale 8/24 - 8/30

Go to this great blog I heart Shaw's to get a peek at the sale Shaws will be having starting this Friday 8/24. You will need to click on a picture to make them larger to view. The photos are a little dark but you can get the idea of the sales. Especially when you have been doing this for a while. They are having another GM (General Mills) sale which usually turns out to be great. Cheap cereal, brownies, pasta salads, biscuits, fruit snacks, granola bars and other items.

At the end of the pictures they have listed the sale prices with coupons. They have not done the price after coupon. Note: you can use one coupon per item you are buying. If you buy 4 boxes of cheerios you can use 4 cheerios coupons if you have 5 boxes you can use 5 coupons. They list several coupons under each sale item so you know what coupon to look for to go with the sale. If you have trouble with the language they use go here and get the English translation.

To get the sale price on the GM sale you will need to buy them in quantities of 10. You can mix and match. Example: 4 fruit snacks, 3 boxes cereal, 2 brownie mixes and 1 can biscuits would get you to the 10 GM items to get the sale price. If they are not in Quantities of 10 then you will be charged the regular prices. You will also get 25 extra box tops for your school. These print out on the receipt and you enter them on line.

Note: at Shaws when they double the coupons it is only 4 like (same bar code) coupons per visit. So if you have (5) .75 off 1 box of cheerios coupons and 5 boxes of cheerios only 4 of those coupons will double to$1.50 unless at least one has a different bar code on it. Usually you get different bar codes if the coupons came from different coupon sites. Printing from different computers doesn't give you different bar codes.

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