Saturday, September 29, 2012

Why Stockpile?

These are the phrases I usually get form people on stockpiling. "Why stockpile?" "My family would never need that much.". "You must have a lot of money invested in a stockpile".

Here is my answer to clarify why we  couponers stockpile. Most of us any way. With anything there does come an addiction and I could see some people stockpiling way more than they would use in a reasonable time.

When you get a really good deal on something you want stocking up on it is a good idea. You usually want to stock enough to get you through to the next time that will go on sale again. That way you should never have to pay full price on anything you buy for your food or toiletries needs.

You will notice a pattern to the sales and the coupons that come out. Then you will get an idea of how much to buy to get you to that next sale. I am still learning that pattern. I have found certain coupons always come out. As soon as they expire, the next Sunday another one comes out just like that one. So some brands I use I will always have a coupon for.

 There will be a "Stockpile Price". Saving anything is good. Having said that I will say saving about .25 on something would not make me stockpile. I would need to pay 80% less to free before I will consider that a "Stockpile Price". If it is the price I consider "Stockpile Price" then I will buy multiples of that item. You will find the prices you are willing to buy multiples with. There are some items that you will not get free and others you will see for free often. Mostly I see toothpaste, toothbrushes and feminine pads free a lot. If you have enough coupons to build a stockpile with those items it will save you a lot of money.

In the coming days I post pictures of what my stockpile looks like.

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