Saturday, September 22, 2012

Free Hand Sanitizer At Rite Aid 9/23 - 9/29

*You will need a Rite Aid card for all Rite Aid deals*

Buy 8 oz. Rite Aid hand sanitizer for $1.00. Get $1.00 up reward (limit 4 per card)

Remember that unless you opted out your rewards will be loaded to your card. You cannot use your rewards until the next day. Here are two options for you. Scenario #2 is if you don't live close enough to do 2 different trips to Rite Aid during this sale.

Scenario #1

Buy 2 hand sanitizers at $1.00 each + tax.
Pay $2.00 + tax
Get (2) $1.00 in Ups (total $2.00 in Ups)

Next day
Buy (2) hand sanitizers  at $1.00 each + tax
Use (2) $1.00 Ups From previous day
Pay just tax.
Get (2) $1.00 in Ups

Scenario #2

Buy (4) hand sanitizers at $1.00 each
Pay $4.00 + tax
Get (4) $1.00 in Ups

Remember those rain checks for these if they are out of them. I love rain checks at Rite Aid. They will call you when your item is in. They will hold it for you to come pick up. If you change your mind you don't have to buy it. If it comes in after the sale is over then it is still the same price it was during that sale. The only difference is if the sale is over they will subtract your up rewards you would've gotten from the price before you pay. So these items would just be tax and no other OOP (out of pocket) cost to you.

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