Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Pick Your Cashier

I think I need to tell you all a very important part of couponing. It makes the transaction go much smoother. How many people have ended up with a cashier that looks at you like you have ruined their day with coupons. Or looked at you like you are stealing. They should get it. The store gets their money back form the Manufacturer. In some cases the store makes more money. That would be because more people start shopping at stores they never would've before coupons.

I call this "Cashier Profiling". Here are my choices for tellers in order of my favorite to least favorite and why. I have been known to stand in a longer line to get a teller I want. I know many other couponers that do also. I do check out all my options before cashing out.

#1 Choice.Young Male cashier
There is seldom an attitude towards couponers. They don't act like you are wasting their time. They don't act like you are stealing. Just a smoother transaction by far. I don't wait in a long line if choice #2 has a shorter line.

#2 Choice. Young Female
Again seldom an attitude toward a couponer. Never an attitude toward acting like you are stealing. Once in a great while there may be a slight attitude about wasting time. I'm a girl I can admit sometimes we are just moody. But again this is choice #2 out of 4. Still a good choice. I will wait in line if choice #2 is not an option.

#3 Choice. Older Male
Less of an attitude about wasting their time and thinking you are stealing. I will go here if choice #1 and #2 are not an option.

#4Choice. Older Female
My last choice. Please take no offense to this. I have just had too many bad experiences and so have other couponers. There have just been too many times that I and others have been given bad attitudes when cashing out. I have all my coupons in order. I have the right items for my coupons. None of my coupons are expired. And still I get the attitude that I'm wasting their time or they think I'm stealing. They make me feel cheap...Yes I am cheap but in a good way not a bad way. So this option is only ok when all other options are unavailable. Which almost never happens.

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