Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Explore My Blog...Helpfull Pages

I have some pages listed across the top of this blog. I will explain what they are here with links to check them out.

Printable coupons.....This page has links to some of my favorite printable coupon sites. I will add more as I find them.

Store Coupon Policies....This page has links to some store coupon policies as well as some that are just right there on the page for you. I print these policies out and bring them with me to the store while shopping.

Coupon Talk...This page is like a dictionary for the coupon language. Here you will find abbreviations and sayings that couponers used explained to you in English.

Helpfull Links...This page has just what it says, helpful links. Links to places you can check the Rite Aid and CVS fliers ahead of time. Also the Sunday coupon previews and other helpful things.

Organization...This page has pictures and explanations of how I organize my coupons. My coupon binder.

My Favorite Deals...This page has pictures of some of my favorite shopping trips. What the cost was and what I paid. This page needs to be updated because I have had more recent trips that can make it to my favorites list.

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